Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Workshop comings and goings.

The workshop continues to be busy as ever as work ramps up from customers old and new. One leaving us this week was a Vitesse MKII convertible bought sight unseen by it's new owner locally from the wife of the cars original owner. The new owner lives in Aberdeen so it was somewhat of a leap of faith to buy this one. Trailored straight to our door a couple of weeks ago Jason has been through the car with a fine tooth comb after it's 7 year lay-up. Needing a fair bit doing in the braking department, and a partially siezed engine, this one was fundamentaly sound however and finally went through it's MOT last week. Anyway it's gone now, and all the way back to Scotland on it's first real journey in 7 years! Still have the same guys 13/60 convertible here, nice low mileage, original car, in for service and MOT. Look out for this one as it might be up for sale after we have finished with it.
The workshop is crying out for a makeover but it's been just to busy with customers cars to think about it recently. A lick of paint, a re-wire, and maybe another ramp, is needed sometime over the winter, we will see.

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  1. i remember you saying "a workshop refurb is needed" about 5 years ago. you got a long wait jason..