Friday, November 10, 2006

Pimp my ride 948 UK stylee

With no help whatsoever from Westwood and his crew progress on the blinged 948 Herald creeps slowly forward. I had to pop down to my mate Rich's unit in Coventry the other day to do a little last minute bodywork before they got into serious prep for the paint. Previously we had dollied the front arch lips back to allow for the 15" wheels and wide low profiles but completely forgot to do the same at the back. Fortunately Rich noticed before any serious painting had happened so I went down to 'persuade' the arch's out a tad. I didn't bother taking any piccy's as the project is still at that un-photogenic stage whereby the car is bare metalled, and Rich's unit is in a mess whilst they build a 50 foot long by 25 foot tall paint booth, it's a monster! The paint we have settled on for the 948 is 'interesting', originally the car was two tone Alpine Mauve over Spa White. It's still going to be those colours, sort off! The Alpine Mauve is going over a white base coat, and the Spa White is going over a red base with a flip in it. This paint job is costing more than I have ever paid for any Herald!

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