Saturday, March 31, 2007

Bull Week!

Bull week (old Midlands industry term for making your money up prior to holiday)

It's no holds barred in the Canleys workshops presently in an attempt to clear the decks prior to the Easter holiday. Two cars MOT'd last week, and one a Spitfire 1500 collected by its owner this morning. Needing wiper motor, wiper wheel box's, and other bits and bobs prior to MOT it was otherwise a superb car and I enjoyed my trip down to see Sid at our preferred MOT station. The other a TR6 was in for a list of things as long as my arm including a tune up, after timing the metering unit correctly it ran like a dream. Some rear suspension work, a new track rod end, and a top ball joint, and that to sailed through it's MOT last night. I would have enjoyed the drive back from the MOT roof down more if it hadn't have been so cold last night, must be getting old! The TR6 is being collected until Tuesday so we still have a space issue.

I am going to book a further three MOT slots for next week for other cars in the queue, a little optimistic but you never know. One of them is for a GT6 that's been here for a while with a job sheet that reads like War and Peace. Top of the list has been a complete re-wire, what a nightmare! Everything that was connected to the old loom, switch's, light units, you name it seemed to be clinging to life just long enough to give me grief when I started working my way through it. I need to finish it just retain my sanity and have pencilled it's MOT in for Wednesday, fingers crossed! The other two cars slated for MOT's this coming week (a Stag, and a Herald) might just be wishful thinking on my part but you never know.

On top of that I have two complete Vitesse chassis refurbs on the go, they are all cleaned of rusty riggers and the bare bones need to go down to the blasters some time in the week. When they come back I can sling them on the rig and jig up a full set of new riggers etc.

I can't believe how many customers Triumph's are coming out of the woodwork recently, and the calls to the workshop we are recieving booking work in bear testament to an excellent years Triumphing ahead!

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  1. Sounds a busy week !
    Which MOT station do you use ? Just about to become owner of a Spitfire 1500 which, although in very good order, has MOT expiry end of June - keen to find a garage more sympathetic to older cars