Friday, March 16, 2007

Tony comes up trumps again!

Our old friend Tony Luxton (ex Triumph experimental dept) comes up trumps yet again! Tony regularly finds us little gems from Triumph's experimental/racing past, but this time he has excelled. What we have here is a complete set of new in a box (all be it 40+ years old new) Lucas 6 cylinder racing petrol injection. With his many contacts amongst ex-Triumph guys Tony manages to track down the obscure, and ultra rare. Tony thinks this set dates from around 1966, and having sat around in experimental for a couple of years it went in a clearout to one of his colleagues who has stored it in its box for all these years. Even the box is interesting having a printed label from Lucas on it, and 'Racing Stores' on the top, and the name of the guy from Lucas experimental written on it who signed it off. We know this guy very well so I shall pop over and reaquaint him with something he last touched over 40 years ago.
For those of you unfamiliar with the racing injection then look closely at that metering unit and notice no vacume unit, these were cam operated. Also the units are a four bolt fixing onto the pedestal as against the more normal three bolt. Those racing injectors are smaller phisically than production ones, and made to much higher standard. Remember similar injection was used on most of the successful Formula 1 team cars of the 60-70's.
I can think of only one car around at Triumph in 1966 that would have had need of a racing 6 cylinder injection set and that was Bill Bradleys 1966 2000 injection saloon circuit racer built by Triumph to take on the Lotus Cortina's.

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