Thursday, March 22, 2007

No Pressure

We currently have five Triumph's all legal and ready to use, although we have only been using three of them as daily drivers through the worst of the winter. The maintenance burden falls as ever on yours truly, and it's just about manageable what with everything else going on. With the first hint of decent weather last week thoughts turn to what we might next add to the potentially roadworthy fleet.
We acquired an old Transit last week that from the beginning of next month (to tight to tax it for a week or two of this month!) sole purpose will be to go back and forth into Coventry on the scrap yard run. With scrap prices as they are at the moment it would be silly not to capitalise on this bonanza whist sitting on many hundreds of tons of valuable aluminium, copper, brass, bronze, etc. So that will be six vehicles on the road and needing maintenance.
I have had a yearning to get back on a bike after four or five years away from two wheeled transport, so in the next couple of weeks I'll dig the XS750 out and see what's fell off, or seized up whilst its been slumbering. If that MOT's OK then we are up to number seven.
I am obliged to finish off and MOT another Herald for one of the females of the household, so that's eight.
Isn't that enough for one bloke to cope with on his own? The next time someone says why don't you have XYZ Triumph on the road/racing circuit without thought to the above workload (bearing in mind I still have to fix other peoples Triumphs for a living as a day job) I shall poke them in the eye!

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