Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Stoneleigh postscript

What a great show! Weather certainly helped, what a cracking weekend. Nearly talked myself horse to mates from both sides of the trading fence so to speak. Lots of familiar faces, and some new. It's always nice to put a name to a face after only previously talking to people via telephone/e-mail.
It was great to be finally relieved of the need to actually trade at Stoneleigh and spend more time on the other side of the counter. Over 20 years doing the rounds of the shows as a trader was starting to take it's toll, it's time now to ferkle amongst the other traders stuff.
Spent an enjoyable hour or so on the CT stand chatting to fellow enthusiasts, and mates from previous CT endurance driving events.
Got button holed by Bernie from the TSSC, we promised to get together soon and talk 'works' Spitfires and other things Triumph.
Hero of the show as always was Chic Doig (and Ian, and the other helpers) fancy coming all that way year, after year for a one day show what a star!
I went along armed with a bundle of cash hoping to find some tasty bits for several of my own projects, but in the end I only came away with 16 wheel nuts, a roll of cleaning cloth, and a Continental Touring Kit (cheers Doug). In that respect I found the show a little disappointing, it seems to be the same old stuff year after year in the autojumble, and the rest of it in the main hall is shiny stuff you can get easily (and some times far cheaper!) on the tinternet.
In conclusion as a social event I think Stoneleigh is one of the best, and if it needs traders there as a focal point to draw in the punters then fair enough, but I know which side of the table I shall be from now on.

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