Saturday, October 9, 2004

Anti climax!

Well that's it, another RBRR come and gone and only a few shows left this year. Not that the shows really do it for me anymore, I would much rather be out driving my Triumphs than stuck in a shed looking at a load of inanimate shiny garage queens! As one who visited more than his fair share of Triumph/Classic car shows in the past 30 odd years, I must say the novelty has worn rather thin. No, for me its all about the driving and using, after all that's the reason these car's were built. I can still just about remember the thrill I got the first time I drove my TR5, I was 15 at the time and my father had stopped in a layby on the way back from buying it and said fancy a quick go, what? Let me think, shall I? To bloody right! Don't worry it was more than safe in those days to let 15 year olds drive on the public highway, after all the roads were uncrowded in comparison to today, with only the odd horse and cart, or charabanc to worry about! Anyway is it just me that still gets that thrill when I jump into my Triumph, even when only going backwards and forwards to work? This is the main reason you won't catch me in a modern car if I can help it. I can't deny that car's nowadays aren't fast, reliable, economical, but by the same token they are mostly dull, boring, and souless, even some modern 'sports cars' I have driven.

So events like the Club Triumph RBRR, and the Ten Countries Run are right up my street, use your Triumphs, don't be frightened about getting them dirty once in a while, and get back to the fundamentals of motoring for pleasure, while you still can!


  1. Indeed Mr Pearson, wise words.
    Took the GT6 out of its resting spot for an afternoon spin yesterday having driven about 3,500 miles in my 2500 saloon over the last month and it was seriously good fun (I hope Gordon Brown didn't spot me, though). But getting into the saloon again for work this morning in the dark was still a treat, even for the ten mile trot up the motorway. Within a mile the beasty's all warm and chortling away, burning off Clios who have the audacity to think they'll pass it at the lights.

    Sometimes it really is tempting to walk out of work and take the car for a spin in the middle of the day.


  2. After the RBRR I've seen my car in a totally different light. I was so itching to get out and drive it I decided to go the long way to Mallory Park this weekend via my mates house... added another 2 hours in the car - but who cares!

    Can we start a movement for less shows and more goes? *cringes*

  3. Quite agree.
    I have been using Triumphs as my daily transport since I passed my test (some 14 years ago now). Been through...
    1500/1850 Dolomite
    Mk1 2000 Estate - (Why did I sell it?
    Where can I find another one?)
    Mk3 Spitfire
    …and now a 2l Vitesse Convertible. Mainly used to and from work, and general running around. 99% of the time, I love it - Clear winters morning with the roof down - you really cannot beat it.
    And being it is tax exempt (at the moment), you have the added smug factor of having one over on the Government.
    Life is a peach!

  4. You got the right idea Dave, cars are for driving and sports cars are for spoprty driving.

    I drive my GT6 Mk1 everyday and it thrills me to to be able to do so. I sometimes has it's problems but that's part of the charm.