Tuesday, October 5, 2004

RBRR, Sorted!

Well we did it, after all the usual pre event panic, we sailed around the Club Triumph Round Britain reliability Run without a hitch (ignoring a small ignition warning light bulb failure at the start, which led to a flat battery!). What a wonderful event, it just gets better, thanks to the organizers, specially Tim Bancroft, and the many volunteers who came out in all weathers and times of the day and night to help with road book signing, food, etc. The V8 is now relegated to just another of the every day Canley fleet, although it still wears its event stickers with pride, The TR5 still wears its 6 years after it completed the RBRR, and the Chicanes were only removed during the course of its last respray, otherwise they would still be on there! Well done to my crew mates, Jason Chinn, and Jerry Mallon (all the way from the USA specially for the event), we worked well as a team, with very few fraught moments! Well done to all the other successful teams, and commisartions to those who didn't get round, there's always next time!

Wasn't the bit through the Scotish single track road bit bloody great, wonderful driving, chasing a 2.5PI done up like a Police car!

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