Saturday, October 23, 2004

Dodge the issue!

This was supposed to be a daily diary of the comings and goings of the Canley workshop's, I sort of wondered off track recently and waffled about any old tosh! So if it is a workshop diary back to the issue it is. With no access to the workshop for over a month now (remember the car park re-surfacing going on) the only cars we can work on are the ones that have been marooned since the doors were last opened. Which is sort of great, I think, as we are now finishing some of the longest term residents with us. This includes a GT6+ that has been here for some considerable time, neither us or its owner (a good friend in the trade) were in any rush to get it finished, well its nearly ready for MOT now! Retrieved from a Californian scrapyard 5 odd years ago, our brief was to remove it from its chassis, shot blast paint/powdercoat/replace worn bits, and generally make pretty the underneath bits before bolting the body bits back on and making legal. The car is going to live in France when we have done our bit, so all we have to do is MOT and get a UK identity, so that it can be driven over and finished in the owners own workshops. Everything else in the way of customers cars presently in the workshop is now finished awaiting collection come the glorious day when the car park is done. Well almost, there is a Lines V8 saloon that needs bolting back together, and then there's the MK1 PI saloon that also needs finishing off, and I nearly forgot the GT4 that needs a couple of days work, and, and! Oh bugger, it seems this enforced closure of the workshop came just in the nick of time!

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  1. Dave, please don't forget the GT6 rent-a-racer... that's another one with a deadline... got to get it done this time =)