Wednesday, September 12, 2012

RBRR Preperation Part II (its worse than I remembered)

I had to take time out to build a diff for a customer, and one or two other paying jobs yesterday before attacking the Coupe.

First job was to strip the front end;

Being very carefull not to damage the front valance. Early shape Herald valances are incredibly rare so this one will have to be repaired when it comes back from the blasters;

Next it was out with the Plasma cutter which made short work of the frilly front wings, and outer arches;

With it getting close to going home time I just had long enough to re-visit the back end. The boot floor, and wheel well were way past redemption so a quick wiz round with the Plasma leaving just enough time for a sweep up;

I'm not a fan of the currently available new floor so its a good job I have a decent salvaged assembly ready to go in.

More pictures to follow.

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