Thursday, September 20, 2012

RBRR Preperation Part V

The factory reconditioned 948 Coupe engine that came with the car was seized solid so yesterdays task was a strip down and investigation. Having removed the rocker gear and head, and found no head gasket it looks like someone had been here before me looking for the same reasons.

The engine was obviously piston seized as there was a light surface rusting at the top of the bores indicating storage for many years with no spark plugs fitted, and not helped by that missing gasket.

A special tool was sourced from the wood shed, a 948 sized log!

Which made short work of removing those pistons with no further collateral damage;

A quick measure of the crank confirmed that it was well within tolerance, and the shells were hardly marked confirming very low mileage after that factory rebuild.

Even the pistons cleaned up nicely so a quick hone of the bores, and a new set of rings should suffice. The rings were ordered, and should be here this morning. The supplier confirned that they were the last set on the shelf. 948 engine stuff is getting very rare, glad I don't need much more than we already have on stock here.

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