Thursday, September 27, 2012

RBRR Preperation Part VI

A very busy day yesterday was spent running back, and forth to the blasters in Coventry. With the added promise of a 'drink' to the operative at the blasters if he could turn around the stuff sharpish he pulled off a minor miracle. Thanks to Pearmans for the loan of the pick up we had the chassis, bulkhead, rear tub, sills, and bonnet top at the blasters door at 8.45 yesterday morning. Having dropped that lot off we picked up the door frames, front valance, and front inner arches I had dropped off the previous day;

Having got back to work I welded in a couple of new end brackets in to the valance, and plug welded the left hand bonnet inner and outer arches together, whilst Ron spotted welded the other side;

We had just about finished when a call came from the blasters, 'come and get your stuff, its done'. Barely over two hours had elapsed from dropping the stuff off, and we were back on the way into Coventry to collect;

The only downside of this rapid turnaround at the blasters was that they obviously hadn't had time to etch prime the stuff which meant a fraught drive back the ten miles from Coventry praying that it wouldn't rain. All that bare metal on the back of the pick-up would have turned red rusty in minutes if we had encountered the downpour that happened twenty minutes after we got back.  

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