Thursday, September 13, 2012

RBRR Preperation Part III (where is that dustpan & brush?)

I didn't get any time out to work on the Coupe on Wednesday due to work commitments (more customer diffs), but I did manage a few hours yesterday.

First task was to strip out the drivers door;

A run round with the Plasma revealed that the frame is just about salvageable, but the rot has gone quite high up into the hinge vertical face. Its worth saving though as early doors are slightly different to later ones.

Next it was off with the roof, which is about the only panel on the car that isn't going to need much in the way of work. Having said that the headlining is in a bit of a state, and that RMS576 (rally light) is a bit on the battered side;

Then it was off with the stripped out rear tub;

Which revealed the chassis, which wasn't as bad as I feared.

And looked even better after a sweep up;

My co-driver turned up then and unbolted the prop, thanks James!

More pictures to follow.

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