Saturday, September 18, 2004

ADUlation to Tim in 4Big days!

Hats off to Tim Bancroft and the mountain of work he and his helpers have put into this years RBRR (Club Triumph Round Britain Reliability Run) . The Midlands drivers meeting is due to take place in 4 days (Tuesday 21st September) at The Weavers Arms just up the road in Fillongley. Spoke to Tim today about the Run, apparently the numbers of entries has settled at 81 cars, with a few teams dropping out for one reason or another, but these have mostly been replaced with reserve teams. The American team entered in the GT6 have contacted Tim to tell him that their car is on its way and the container should be here in a couple of weeks. Our American team mate Jerry is flying in a day or two before the event, hope he doesn't suffer from jet lag! We (Jason Chinn and myself) spent a whole day on our car yesterday, and it is looking more like it might be ready for the event, mind you we still haven't started it yet! It would be nice to go to the drivers meeting in the V8 on Tuesday, but that might just be a little optimistic. Either way the sooner its finished the better so that we can put a few miles on it before the big day.

Got the word this week from the contractors who are going to do our car park, that D day is this coming Thursday. So if you are planning to visit us soon it might pay you to put it off for a couple of weeks until we are sorted. We shall still be open and mail order will be unaffected, but a little disruption is inevitable.

Clearing the car park of dead cars ready for the big day is going to plan, the scrap man is due to make his last visit on Tuesday. Karl and Russell finished off stripping a 2.5Pi estate yesterday, already partially stripped before we got it and a little rusty, its still a shame to see another one go. Unfortunately they have to do the same thing on Monday to another PI estate, again very rusty from having been stored outside for many years before it came here. Darren stripped the sad remains of a MK1 Vitesse saloon and a GT6 MK111 earlier in the week, again both cars had been partially stripped before we got them, and they were rusty, so we are not feeling to guilty. That leaves a 2500 mk11 saloon, that has been acting as a Christmas tree for other cars we are putting back together. A real shame to take this one apart as it isn't a bad car, we have tried shifting it on for not a lot of money, but no one was interested so it has to go. A 13/60 convertible that had been stored on the car park for a customer for a month or so went today to a new owner, hope he didn't stall it, the battery was as dead as a Dodo! The workshop to is emptying out nicely, obviously with no car park for a few weeks we can't afford to have to many cars in there so that we don't have enough room to work on them.

It might be that when things have settled down again in a month or so, it might be time to have another of our autojumbles/open days/special offer day's. We really need to be creating space and clearing some more of our storage of major s/h bodypanels etc. This might be your last chance of some really cheap s/h doors, bootlids, bulkheads, etc. We haven't had one of our famous open days for some time, mostly because of the car park issue, some of you must remember the swamp like state it got into on the last special offer weekend!

Pictures of a couple of the last long term car park residents prior to and after scrapping.

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