Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Much ADU about nothing!

Only a week to go to the Midlands/North, Club Triumph Round Britain Reliability Run Drivers meeting at the Weavers Inn in Fillongley. You South East people have still got your drivers meeting at the usual venue (The Plough). I'm sure the Club Triumph officialdom won't mind if you want to come along to either meeting to soak up the atmosphere even if you are not participating this year. I guarantee you will be hooked when you see all those Triumphs in the car park's of the respective venues and all those mad keen teams collecting their roadbooks (this is the official route book, with spaces for signatures required at each control on the route).

How is the Canley entered car coming on? Well I'm sure that the other members of our team will be happy to know that I've actually started work on it at last. This week I have mainly been finding the bits I took off the car 5 years ago and put somewhere safe. It took me 2 hours today to find the gearstick for instance! I'm not working on it tomorrow as I'm out and about doing the rounds of suppliers/manufacturers, but from Thursday it should be full steam ahead.

The workshops are emptying out nicely after our self imposed ban on any further new bookings. The intention was to catch up with existing customers cars already here, and prepare some of our own cars for sale. We should be back on stream towards the middle of October with a nice spacious/tidy workshop. We have looked again at some of the workshop equipment and decided to chuck out some of the leaky old trolley jacks, engine hoists etc that clutter up the place. Decent equipment is so cheap nowadays it just aint worth trying to fix stuff anymore. There is some talk about fitting another ramp, a two poster, to sit along side the existing four poster, personnally I fancy a rolling road! Just to think I turned one down a few years back, that was available for peanuts. Mind you it was a 4 wheel, 500bhp one, the bloody thing was massive! Why 4 wheel, 500hp, well it was coming out of the old Ferguson Formula (those of the 4 wheel drive Jenson's and others) factory the other side of Coventry, when it closed down a few years back. The finally knocked the factory down last year and there's a housing estate going up on the site.

Anyway I'm rambling, nothing new there then, time to go!

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  1. Well done Dave! Now we're talking, although I am alarmed by the reference to steam, I thought this was a petrol V8 rather than a steam one :-) I'll be up soon to get my hands dirty, OK make the tea and watch you doing all the work then!