Thursday, September 30, 2004


The Canley entry for the Club Triumph RBBR is a runner! A fully legit, kosher, all above board, genuine, paid for, MOT was gained at the local MOT station yesterday. The only comment raised by our examiner was a slight imbalance in the handbrake, and a exhaust leak where the tubular manifolds bolt to the head. The V8 was also in need of a bit of remedial tuning as it struggled to get back up Fillongley hill on its way back from the test. Exhaust leak was cured within 20 minutes (after letting the headers cool!) with a new set of flange gaskets. The brake imbalance had sorted itself out on the way back from the MOT, the automatic adjusters having adjusted on the new shoes/cylinders etc on the 2 mile trip. The 'to do' list has now shrunk to 23 items, and we still have a whole morning to work on it! To be fair, the 'to do' list is more of a wish list, none of it being super important. It would be nice to swap the rear springs as the back end is sitting a little high, but that's only a 15 minute job on a 2000/2.5/3.5! This is the most prepared I've ever been for a Round Britain, I even had an early night last night after the obligatory curry shared with team member Jason Chinn who stayed over last night.

See all you fellow RBRR's later today at the Plough.

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