Monday, September 27, 2004

Calm B 4 the storm!

Well I know the idea was to have the engine in the V8 by now but I just couldn't resist prepping and painting the tatty looking engine bay whilst it was out. I know, I know, a couple of days to go and I'm messing about with paint. There was no way I was ever going to take the engine out again to do it, so it was now or never. Anyway its done now, and very nice it looks to. So engine in today, or that's the plan anyway. We did have one problem with the engine yesterday, a broken bolt in the cylinder head where the inlet manifold attaches. We decided to change the manifold complete for the earlier simpler carb set up that was already on the car, unfortunately a bolt broke in the process. Digging that out took up some of our valuable RBRR preperation time.

Pictures; painted engine bay and 'new' V8 ready to go in

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