Saturday, September 25, 2004

V8 blues!

A week before the Club Triumph RBRR and I finally got around to finding out why the engine in the car we have entered was a little bit tight (OK very very tight!). stripped it yesterday and found it seized on three pots. Seized to the point where I had to hammer the pistons out of the bores with a drift and steel hammer! Lesson learnt, you can't store a car or engine for 6 years without use, or at the very least regular inhibiting and turning over and expect all to be well. Options were investigated, including boreing and a set of pistons (3.9 liners and pistons were nearly as cheap as a straightforward overbore and pistons). But next Fridays RBRR start date was to close to get it all organised along with the mountain of other jobs that still needed doing to the car. So a quick call to my mate Lee the guy who collects our scrap (and banger races 2000/2.5's for his sins) and a deal was done over the phone for a replacement V8. It arrived this morning, and very nice it looks to,£175 and guaranteed a nice runner, I'm just off to steam clean it now, should be back in and up and running on Monday, keep you posted.

Photo; Stripped V8 sits in shame!

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  1. Dave - You're giving all us RBRRers hope! Still got to get mine an MOT after it failed on 11 points last week... look forward to seeing the V8 beast on Friday!