Sunday, December 10, 2006

All change

The workshop continues to buck the usual pre Christmas trend and remains as busy as ever. Usually this time of year we have settled back to a couple of long term projects, this year however the nice regular mechanical, servicing, and insurance work seems to keep piling in. It was all change on Saturday with a couple of customers Spitfire 1500's being collected, both having received mechanical attention and MOT work. One of the cars now holds the distinction of having the noisiest diff I have ever heard, it of course was swapped for a reconditioned unit. In total three Spitfire 1500's were collected last week so the vista in the workshop should now look a little less Spitfire'ish! It's funny how we seem to have run of different models all at the same time, one week it might be Vitesse convertibles, the next GT6 MKIII's. Work on the Stag in for an insurance job on its front end has stalled pending receipt of a wheelarch bowl from a supplier, so far we have used 4 different suppliers/manufacturers for parts for this one insurance job! That arch has been promised for tomorrow so we should hopefully have it panelled up and ready for paint towards the end of the week, it would be nice to have it completed and away before the Christmas holidays. Today I was supposed to be sorting the clutch out on a TR5 but it's arrival has been postponed to later in the week so I shall be cracking on with Mr Jason Chinn's 2.5 motor rebuild instead.

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