Wednesday, December 13, 2006

You little bleeder!

Had a break from Jason's 2.5 engine rebuild.I decided this morning that it needed all the valves renewing as they were quite worn on the stems and some of them had started to mushroom over on the top. The exhausts had needed changing anyway as they were the wrong spec for unleaded, but I thought we might have got away with the inlets. Sods law dictates that after making the decision to renew we were out of stock of a full set of six, being a couple short meant ordering some in, should be here tomorrow.
Meantime that arch turned up for the Stag insurance job we are doing so I have cracked on with that today with only one mishap. Ignoring all my own advice I picked up a new wing to trial fit it with some worn out gloves and guess what? A nasty cut that has so far refused to stop bleeding despite two plasters, and two latex gloves. Iv'e just come in to find the super glue to see if that will do it as the blood has started to seep out of the gloves.

1 comment:

  1. Ouch!!! You need to be more careful mate, I'm sure you need all those fingers to be on your hand at all times :-)
    Perhpas you should get some of those fancy American mechanics gloves they all seem wear on the TV? Look crap but the so does a stumpy hand!