Thursday, December 21, 2006

So near and yet so far

There's no way I'm going to make that 10 o'clock MOT appointment this morning for the pimped Herald. I suppose it was a little ambitious to expect to be able to build a stripped out rolling shell car back up in 5 working days! In the end it wasn't even 5 full days as I had to drop onto to customer stuff once or twice. Still I had a bloody good crack at it, and it isn't that far off now. The rear valances never materialised so I couldn't put the petrol tank in or fit the exhaust (the Range Rover Sport tailpipe emerges from a cutout in the back valance). Rich has promised them (the valances) for this morning but it gives me precious little time to fit them. The engine and box went back in last night after a diaphragm clutch conversion from the original coil spring one. Although it all looked new (or new when it was fitted 20 odd years ago!) there was no way I was going to risk using 20 plus year old coil spring clutch stuff. So a flywheel, one of our 'Coventry Classic Clutches' and the appropriate bearing carrier arm were substituted. The aluminium sprayed Spitfire MKII tubular manifold went on a treat, as did the twin HS2 SU's. Whist I was tiding up the engine with a new set of core plugs I thought a full set of Canley alloy lightweight engine components might not go amiss. We now have a alloy dizzy pedestal, an alloy alternator mounting block, a lightweight 'competition' alternator, and a polished alloy rocker cover finishes the effect. All of this on a 948 Herald engine?

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