Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Blinging the Pimp!

No time for much of a Blog as it's all out on the Herald 948 fresh back from the painters on Saturday afternoon. Deadlines don't you just love em! MOT is booked for Friday morning so it's nose to the grindstone time. It went to the painters as a rolling shell devoid of all it's bolt on panels some of which have yet to return (hurry up Rich!). Decided on Monday to make this another one of our Caterham front suspension conversion (trunnionless vertical link) development cars the previous development 13/60 estate having now moved on to a new owner (less the suspension). So all the existing front suspension and drum brakes was ripped off in preperation for the new stuff, this car is going backwards! Even the office staff are lending a hand and I am currently sitting in the office surrounded by Alpine Mauve trim that they cleaned up nicely yesterday afternoon.

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