Sunday, December 24, 2006

Happy Christmas!

To all you lovely Triumph owners out there have a fantastic Christmas and New Year holiday. Bring on 2007 and another superb 12 months of Triumph driving!


  1. Happy Christmas!

    I am a new triumph owner!
    I got myself a Herald 1200, 1969

    With the recent cold weather I have had troubles and now my car wont start! The battery has died and wont start. It works fine on a jump start tho. So I had a new battery put in and worked fine for that day then now I have the same problem. I have spoke to a number of people and they think it could be trouble with the dynamo, not charging the battery. I live in the coventry area and was wondering if You would be able to help me with my Herald problem.

    If I came to you what could you do?

  2. Stower? Can you contact me via our 'normal' email address so that I can help you with Herald 1200.