Tuesday, January 13, 2009

1963 Alpine Rally

Thanks to Fred Nicklin (Triumph test driver) for donating this original copy of an internal memo from Graham Robson (head of Triumph Competitions at the time). It shows the route of the 1963 Alpine Rally when Fred took along 6003VC as a service support vehicle, with Graham Robson co-driving.

Here lies a dilemma in as far as these documents prove that 6003VC in original 1600cc form, as Fred remembers, was serving as rally chasing service vehicle throughout June 1963, not finally returning to the UK until early July? Is this then the same 6003VC radically modified in triple SU 2 ltr form with many bodywork modifications that caught the ferry in late July to take part in the August Spa-Sofia-Liege? What a fantastic effort by Triumph to modify a car to that extent in a couple of weeks, or more evidence of the number plate/identity swapping prevalent in competition departments the world over? If this is the case which 6003VC burnt out in Yugoslavia, we shall probably never know?

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