Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Welcome to Canley's Triumph Museum

The Canley Classics Triumph Museum is the basis of one of the largest collections in the world of historically important Triumph cars and archive.

Please note The Triumph Museum exists currently only as a web based facility - the collection is no longer available for public viewing.

Started over 30 years ago and still growing.

There have been many that have helped us acquire unique Triumph parts, and cars over the years, but we would like to make special mention of the following ex-Triumph experimental department guys, Tony Luxton, Roy Ford, Peter Clarke, Ray Henderson, and David Lloyd.

The cars include factory prototypes, factory race and rally cars, first or last production cars, oldest or youngest production cars. Click on one of a few of the cars in the collection for a brief history and pictures.

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  1. hello dave just looking at
    your atlases well dun keeping them on the road also just letting know that my self half own an atlas this is a majar camper 1962-3 its an on going rebuild. back in 98 it did go to the gaydon triumph show and after i drove it to john kipping shop to make his day complet after that it was taken off the road to be worked on the day will come when its back on the road again if you go to webbshots.com and put in atlas major it should pop up anyway all the best from bob rowland