Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Year Lots of New Product!

You may be forgiven for thinking that we have been a little quite on the new product development/introduction front of late. Nothing could be further from the truth, and since employing a graduate of motorsport engineering and design (and a Triumph enthusiast to boot) things moved up a gear last year. Due to website glitches soon to be sorted we have been a little slow in keeping you informed of progress, hopefully we will be a little bit more forthcoming this year.
Having CAD facilities in house has been a revelation. Not having to rely on outside agencies means that we can now design, modify, and prototype in our timescale, not someone else's. When I say we by the way I put less emphasis on myself, I just come up with some of the ideas, someone else translates them into potential product using the magic box in the corner of the office. The trouble now is reigning in our ambitions. Having someone here who is as mad keen as me with as many if not more ideas could get expensive.
As a result of the above we have started looking at other models in the Triumph range, watch out for new bits for the 2000/2.5 range, and the 6 cylinder TR's this year.
We haven't forgotten our roots either and a major new panel launch is imminent for the Vitesse (yes that one!). This could possibly be the swan song for new panel introduction for the small chassis Triumph's as panelwork sales have taken a nose dive over recent years. Spitfire panelwork sales in particular are worryingly low, and I think we may look back at this time in the near future and regard it as a hiatus in availability. If things continue as they have been for the last couple of years or so I can see us losing some panels for ever.
Anyway lets not end on a low note I for one am encouraged by the new blood, and new ideas around at the moment it's keeping us old so and so's on our toe's. Who'd have thought that this long after Triumph disappeared we would still be using the latest technology to turn dream into reality?

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