Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Oldest Herald Saloon

Canley Classics saves the oldest known Herald saloon, chassis number G11, engine number G8E, built on the 19 March 1959.

Not registered until July 59 in Leicester, only two owners from new. The second owner bought the car in the seventies and used it only for one year, it then entered a period of storage in various locations for the next 30 odd years. Losing its last covered storage over a year ago, it had until recently been parked behind a shop in a public car park, and was starting to attract the attention of vandals. Saved in the nick of time, allthough superficially tatty, it has survived remarkably well retaining all of its original unique bits that would be next to impossible to replace. Now safe and in the dry, it awaits it's turn in the (sympathetic!) restoration queue before it joins the other museum cars.

Oldest Known Surviving Triumph Herald Saloon

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