Tuesday, January 13, 2009


One of the few cars that we own that is a bog standard production car, not a prototype, ex factory racing/rally cars, or other such odd-ball. We keep it because having seen so many poor examples in the course of the last 25 years we know this is one of the best. The Snag seems particularly prone to the old tin worm and I have seen many low mileage examples with body issues. Ours has survived mostly because of it's lack of use, and decent storage. We acquired our example in 1987 and by that time it had already been off the road for a number of years with mechanical issues. Apparently in it's 35,000 mile history it had already been through one engine under warranty, the replacement expired soon after, and the conversion Rover V8 fitted by the time we got it had seized it's camshaft (hmm three engines in 30K miles, I should have walked away!). After we got it we stripped it down to a bare shell and commenced a rebuild to our preferred specification. As bought it was Damson, with tan trim, auto MKI car, after we had finished it was Mallard, with black trim, and manual overdrive. The only modification from standard spec being the 15" alloys, and some decent low profiles. In the following 20 years we have only added a further 3,000 miles, and 2,000 of those were last Octobers Club Triumph RBRR (Round Britain Reliability Run). Apart from a coil expiring it performed faultlessly.

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