Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dove GTR5

Bought some years ago as an unfinished rebuild project, off the back of a scrap man's lorry.

The story we were given was that it had been in a Council lock up attracting unpaid rent somewhere in the Coventry/Birmingham area. Said scrapman had the contract to clear council property of the local area/area's of such car's. Only problem was that he was supposed to take them straight to be crushed, thankfully he came here first! Current research has drawn a blank to the cars identity, but we have been promised help on that front by a respected TR historian.

Up to 40 GTR4s were built and a handful of GTR4As. Subsequent information has come to light about the possibility of some customer's own car conversions being carried out on more than one TR5. This has yet to be verified as far as we know? Our car has certainly been a Dove coupe for many years, we have owned it for over 15 years, and it certainly looked like it had been off the road and in storage for at least 10 years prior to that.

We have done some work on the shell, new outer sills, repairs to the floors etc but compared to some of our other TR5s this is a very sound original shell. It appears to have been quite a few colours in its time including at some stage brown!

It would be nice to finish this one off, it would be really useful for the weekly shopping run to ASDA where we could park it with all the other hatchbacks!

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